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In what might be deemed as a cash-grab to pull in a younger audience, "Brave" zeroed in on the first generation to grow up in a world filled with the undead. And while you would think many youngsters would be doing fun stuff to make sure they lived thier lives to the fullest, The Walking Dead: World Beyond has chosen to follow a bunch of teenagers that are, largely, uninteresting. Out of the younger cast, only Hope seemed to have some semblance of an arc worth following, and she may be a killer, so that's exciting.

Hope is naturally skeptical of everything, which makes for good TV. Her first meeting with Elizabeth certainly showed her feelings, and while other characters may hate it, she's a straight-shooter, which makes things fun. There are a lot of unanswered questions with Hope, which makes sense given that this was the series premiere. Her relationship with Iris is strained to say the least, and I dare say that they will be divided as the series progresses. Iris, however, is terribly written.

You know something is up when you have zero emotion towards a character with a deeply disturbing backstory. But what was on-screen simply didn't work. There's a struggle behind those eyes, and unless the writing improves for her, I'll struggle to pay attention to her arc. There's an intriguing plot in there about their scientist father going missing and subsequently sending them a warning, but if the execution of that plot is half as bad as the series premiere, then it's going to be difficult to care about it.

A series focused on two sisters rounding up a group and going on a perilous mission could have been great, but there's so much about it that feels off. If the series is about the hurdles the sisters face on the mission, then it might just work, but that would involve all of their secrets coming out to play. I live for my mom, who died that night, ten years ago today, like so many others.

And I live for my father, who is far away, doing important work that will one day benefit us all. We're ten years in now, ten years. I was a little kid, I can barely remember the night the sky fell, let alone what the world was like before. We still live behind walls, and the dead still have this world.

And I think that with everything that went away, everything we lost, everyone we lost, some people think it can happen again. Some people think that what we have can't last. Some can't believe. But I'm certain of our home, and our home city, and our alliance with Portland, Civic Republic, and I am certain of what's ahead.Why not aim for a fresh start? But as cynical as that calculation might sound on paper, the premiere episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond makes a decent case that this spinoff might actually be the shakeup the Walking Dead franchise has needed.

With a refreshing pair of young new protagonists, along with a new setting and premise, World Beyond might just manage to breathe some new life into this franchise. Before we formally meet any of our new heroes and villains, World Beyond takes the time to acclimate us to a new setting. By the looks of things, the Campus Colony is about as idyllic as the post-apocalypse is going to get: just under 10, survivors living in relative harmony.

There are plenty of defenses against the zombies outside their gates. Our protagonists are two of those teenagers. And both girls are reeling, in their own ways, from a pair of familial traumas: the death of their mother on the night the zombie apocalypse broke out, and the absence of their father, Leo, who agreed to go work for the CRM on a secret base as part of the alliance pact.

Even in a fictional universe as thoroughly explored as The Walking Dead has been, this is a lot of new information, and the first half of the premiere is mostly just characters explaining everything we need to know via inelegant info-dumps.

How do we know Iris loves art? Because Hope and her psychiatrist both remind her she loves art.

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Nothing about any of this is particularly subtle. But just when I was worried that World Beyond might devolve into the characters just turning to the camera and explaining things directly to the audience, the premiere unexpectedly settles into a groove.

When Elizabeth meets Iris as part of a welcome delegation, she acts rigid and formal. Deep into the night, she approaches the girls yet again — this time drunk on champagne — tells them their dad is in New York, and gives them a top-secret CRM map that they might be able to use to find him.

After receiving an SOS message from their father, Iris and Hope decided to hit the 1,mile road from Nebraska to New York, hoping to find their father at the end of it.

And so, while this series premiere certainly has its clunky moments, it ends with an open road, and a lot of promise ahead. World Beyond still has some growing to do before it establishes itself as a key part of the overarching Walking Dead universe — but at the very least, it does feel like this show is arriving at the perfect time for a story about young people figuring out how to navigate a terrifying and uncertain future with courage and grace. A flashback reveals her mother was actually shot by another desperate and pregnant survivor, which led the pre-teen Hope to pick up a gun and kill her in return.

K got me extremely jazzed about what In Treatment in the Walking Dead universe might look like. K, there were 9, survivors in Omaha.

Did the CRM really manage to kill all of them? Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile.

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the walking dead season 1 episodes

Promoted links by Taboola.The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic television series based on the comic book of the same name by Robert KirkmanTony Moore and Charlie Adlardand developed for television by Frank Darabont. It premiered on the cable network AMC on October 31, He awakens to find himself in a dangerous new world that has been overrun by " walkers ".

He joins a group of survivors including his wife and son as they try to survive in a world among the undead. In Februarythe series was renewed for a tenth season, which premiered on October 6, After the conclusion of the main series, it will be followed by a spin-off featuring Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride as their characters Daryl and Carol, that is set to premiere in A special titled "The Journey So Far" aired on October 16, as a recap of the first six seasons of The Walking Deadfeaturing interviews with the cast and producers.

It was watched by 2. Prior to the start of season 2, a six-episode web series called Torn Apart premiered on October 3, on AMC's official website. The web series is directed by special effects makeup artist and co-executive producer Greg Nicotero and tells the origin story of Hannah, also known as "Bicycle Girl", the walker that Rick Grimes killed out of mercy and whose bicycle he took in the first episode of the TV series.

A four-episode web series entitled Cold Storage was released on October 1, The storage unit Chase is given was owned by Rick Grimes. A three-part webisode series, entitled The Oathwas released on October 1, This series tells the origin of the "Don't Open, Dead Inside" paint on the cafeteria doors of the hospital Rick Grimes awakes in, post-apocalypse.

It follows Paul and Karina as they escape their zombie-overrun camp in search of a medical station. The central theme of the series examines the will to persevere in the face of inevitable death. A six-part webisode series entitled Red Machete first premiered on October 22, The web series tells the origin story of Rick Grimes 's red machete. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article.

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For the episodic video game, see The Walking Dead video game. Main article: The Walking Dead season 1. Main article: The Walking Dead season 2.

Main article: The Walking Dead season 3.

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Main article: The Walking Dead season 4. Main article: The Walking Dead season 5. Main article: The Walking Dead season 6. Main article: The Walking Dead season 7. Main article: The Walking Dead season 8.It might be the only show in history to start out okay, get really good, stay decent, rapidly get worse, become shockingly terrible, and then suddenly get good again, finally finding fresh energy under a new showrunner in its tenth season.

That season is over now, even though there are apparently more episodes of it planned for next year, and the proposed eleventh season will apparently be the last, one assumes in the same way that Andrew Lincoln left and will be in feature-film spin-offs, and Lauren Cohan left and came right back again. A good chunk of The Walking Dead: World Beyond episode 1 is set on the former Nebraska State University campus under the watchful eye of guards like Felix Nico Tortorella and Huck Annet Mahendruand for a while, it feels so distinctly unlike a Walking Dead setting that I forgot a few times that this is even a zombie show.

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Time will tell, I guess. For more recaps, reviews, and original features covering the world of entertainment, why not follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page?The first season of The Walking Deadan American post-apocalyptic horror television series on AMCpremiered on October 31,and concluded on December 5,consisting of 6 episodes. Developed for television by Frank Darabontwho wrote or co-wrote four of the season's six episodes and directed the pilot episode, " Days Gone Bye ", the series is based on the eponymous series of comic books by Robert KirkmanTony Mooreand Charlie Adlard.

Egleeand Gale Anne Hurdwith Darabont assuming the role of showrunner. The season received very positive reviews by critics. This season adapts material from issues 1—6 of the comic book series and introduces notable comic character Rick Grimes Andrew Lincolnwho awakens from a comaafter being shot, in a post-apocalyptic world filled with flesh-eating zombiesdubbed "walkers". After befriending Morgan Jones Lennie JamesRick sets out to find his family and discover the origins of the walker virus.

Robert Kirkmanwho created the comic book series in[6] says he had considered the idea of a Walking Dead television series, but never actively pursued it. I'm certainly not against adaptations, like some creators. It's an extreme validation of the work Never in a million years could I have thought that if Walking Dead were to ever be adapted that everything would be going this well. I think that that's all because of Frank. Darabont himself had been a fan of the zombie genre since seeing George A.

Romero's film Night of the Living Dead when he was fourteen years old. It had this marvelously attractive, disreputable draw I loved it immediately. I thought it would make a great TV show I loved the idea of an extended, ongoing, serialized dramatic presentation set in the zombie apocalypse. What are you doing with it? She said "I think AMC might be the place to take this. They were immediately interested.

I had to credit Gale, her insight into marrying the material and the buyer. Darabont's original pilot script was split in half and embellished, making the first two episodes instead of one, " You really want to drag these characters into the equation. Jack LoGiudice also joined the writing team, along with Robert Kirkman, also an executive producer.

Principal photography for the pilot episode, " Days Gone Bye ", began on May 15, [10] with the subsequent five episodes beginning filming a few weeks later on June 2. All four appeared in his film The Mistalong with Samuel Witwer[37] [38] who appeared as a dying soldier, [39] and with Thomas Janewho originally was set to star in the series when it was pitched to HBO.

The show's official website released a motion comic based on the first issue of the original comic and voiced by Phil LaMarr. In the documentary, comic series creator and show executive producer Robert Kirkman as well as artist Charlie Adlard expressed that they were pleased with how faithful the show is to the comic and remark on the similarities between the actors and the comic's original character drawings. But we're going to take every interesting detour we feel like taking. As long as were staying on the path of what Robert has done, I don't see any reason not to.

If they have patience we'll eventually catch up to what Robert is doing.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Brave

The Walking Dead debuted during the same week in countries. The event occurred in twenty six cities worldwide, [50] and were hosted in select locations including the Brooklyn Bridge in New York CityLincoln Memorial in Washington, D. The Walking Dead was included on the cover of the December edition of Entertainment Weeklywhich featured Rick Grimes pointing a gun at a horde of walkers.Season Tensions are high as our heroes struggle to hold onto their concept of civilization.

Alpha attempts to toughen up Lydia as they prepare to walk with the dead. Meanwhile, the Whisperers create their herds. In the meantime, Carol battles with the need for revenge. Back at Hilltop, the group deals with an unexpected safety issue. Alpha and Beta have reservations about someone.

the walking dead season 1 episodes

S10, E8 The World Before In the mid-season finale, a fight causes tensions in Oceanside while the Alexandrians set out on a high-stakes mission. S10, E9 Squeeze In the mid-season premiere, our group must figure out how to get out of a precarious situation. S10, E10 Stalker Our group must defend Alexandria from a threatening, outside force. After Daryl and Lydia's encounter with Alpha, the communities must decide whether to run or fight. Meanwhile, Eugene's communication with Stephanie gets complicated.

In exchange, Virgil promises weapons that could change the tide of the Whisperer War. Meanwhile, Eugene takes a group on a journey to meet Stephanie, with the hopes of befriending another civilization.

Meanwhile, Eugene's group encounters Princess. Get a behind-the-scenes look as the cast reads the script for the premiere episode of Season Select your provider. All rights reserved.All episodes Watch critically acclaimed, thought-provoking series On Demand. Stream online for free with your TV provider. The Althea Tapes. S1, E1 Al After her encounter with Isabelle and the helicopter, Al confesses a newfound hope for the future and the importance of her taped interviews. S1, E2 Ed Al makes an arrangement with Ed, a reluctant survivor trying to get home to his family.

Over the course of the interview, new insights change the way Earl and CJ understand each other and a new course is charted. Over the course of the interview, Al senses an opportunity that might pay off down the road.

S1, E5 Jody Al interviews Jody, a surgeon from before the fall. S1, E6 Samora Al interviews Samora, a survivor struggling with debilitating obsessive-compulsive disorder. Samora recounts her journey to the brink and what brought her back.

The American West. Custer looks for glory in the Indian Wars. Crazy Horse fights back against the US. Custer is sent on a secret mission in Sioux Territory. Grant deals with growing unrest in the west and south. Settlers flock onto Sioux land to mine gold as Grant desperately tries to keep peace.

Jesse James targets a bank in northern territory hoping to make a big statement. Wyatt Earp fights for justice.

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Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse make a big decision. Wyatt Earp questions his future as a lawman. Jesse James reemerges from years in hiding. Wyatt Earp moves to Tombstone. Sitting Bull returns to America. Jesse James is confronted by the Ford brothers.

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Sitting Bull is accused of inciting rebellion. Apple Tree Yard.

the walking dead season 1 episodes

S1, E1 Episode 1 Dr. Yvonne Carmichael seems to have it all - however, nothing is ever as it appears. When she receives an unexpected proposition from an enigmatic stranger, Yvonne is shocked by the passion he awakens in her.